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4,000 and counting


There's something President Bush doesn't understand.  Well, I'm sure there's many things he doesn't understand .... but I'm speaking abut one thing in particular.

Suppose the Mexican Army invaded the United States (I'd use the Canadian Army as an example, but that would be a pretty comical, as the only guys in Canada willing to fight are in the NHL.)  How would Americans react to foreign troops on American soil? 

Personally, if it was done to depose President Obama, I'd great the Mexican Army at the border with a plate of tacos.  However, my nationalistic pride would soon kick in and I'd grow weary of being ruled by foreigners.  I might tolerate foreign occupation for, maybe, 6 months ... tops.  Then, I'd say "adios amigos" and hand them a to-go bag of tacos to eat on their drive back across the border.

My point, is, why do we expect the folks in Iraq to feel (and behave) any differently?  Just as I'd tire of seeing the Mexican Army in San Antonio every day, I'm sure the folks in Baghdad tire of seeing us.  And, quite honestly, the Shite and Sunni militias in Iraq are behaving how I would after 4 years of foreign occupation. 

And, I'm not talking about Al Qaeda fanatics, hostage beheaders or suicide bombers that blow up civilians. I'm talking about your run-of-the-mill Iraqi "insurgent" trying to kill any American soldier he can find.

"Well," you might say, "if we depart Iraq, it's going to be a bloodbath."  While I agree with that statement, the truth is, a bloodbath would be better than the situation we have now. At least it would be an Iraqi bloodbath. 

I'm not saying that Iraqi lives are worth any less than American lives.  It's just that, if Iraqis want to fight Iraqis, there's going to be Iraqi deaths, period.  People will die until people get tired of people dying.  Then peace will ensue.  That's how the process works ... especially in civil wars.

However, it's a horrendous loss for 4,000 [and counting] brave, honorable American soldiers to die in an endless bloodbath ... all, while trying to avert a ... bloodbath.  While the American lives lost were not a waste, but their lives were wastedby Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld naively expecting Iraqis to behave any differently than we would, in the same situation.

I mean, President Bush offended the entire nation of Norway by displaying his Texas pride via the hook-em-horns salute.  While I'm not a native Texan, and don't feel such strong attachments to the Lone Star State, I have people all around me who do .... people who would not take kindly to being ruled by a foreign power.

We glorify the heroes of the Alamo, where a band of suicidal Texans stood up to the Santa Anna's "superpower" army.  Yet we label Sunni/Shite insurgents as being evil.

American and Texas pride are good . . . . even for President Bush.  Being a proud Iraqi, Sunni or Shite is horrendous.

What gives?

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