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Hit 'em in the nads, Hill

I'm getting really pissed about all the "Hillary should quit" talk. While I thought I'd be the last person to ever defend Hillary Clinton, apparently someone has to do it.

Hillary is only 8% behind Barack Obama, which means that she has 92% of his vote total with several key states remaining . That's like a basketball team being down 50 to 46 with five minutes left. Who in the hell would quit under such circumstances? Who would encourage somoene to quit?

I've heard all the blabber about "uniting the party" and I don't buy it. A primary campaign is a contest where the strongest survives. Such a concept can't be hard for Democrats to understand . . . after all, 81% of the votes cast in latest American idol competition were from Democrats.

Also, many Democratic men (despite their feminine tendencies) do watch some sports. Would they watch those sports if the champion was decided by some means other than survival of the fittest? Would they give a rats ass about March Madness if the outcome of the Final Four was "negotiated"? Yeah, right.

Democratic leaders are concerned that Hillary and Obama are going to continue bloody each other so much that the ultimate winner will be too handicapped to defeat McCain. What those idiotic "leaders" don't comprehend is that a bloodbath creates more media attention than JohnMcCain could buy with all of Warren Buffet's money. Our Jerry Springer culture craves bloodbaths in every situation in life.

Heck, I'm living proof that the Hillary-Obama duel to the death is a bonanza for the Democratic party. After all, I hate the Democratic party, yet I'm sitting up late at night commenting on their primary race. Go figure.

So, keep fighting, Hillary. People love underdogs, and come-from-behind victories are the most glorious. And if a candidate doesn't have the gonads to fight to the finish line, America doesn't need that candidate being Commander-in-Chief, anyway.

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